Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Impressions

On Friday I started my first day of school at a new high school.  Was it good?  Well everyone was nice, the upper class were actually pretty nice.  Now there were some issues that I feel are repeating.  For example,  in science most of the class didn't listen to the teacher and I felt pretty bad because he isn't a bad teacher.  Of course I have to sit next to the slackers.  Math had to be another horrendous hour.  Not one person listened to the teacher!  I felt horrible because everyone else was laughing and talking.  Unlike them I want to learn!  Learning in that environment is difficult, my brain can't juggle two things at once.  I can't focus on the teacher when there is obnoxious people chattering!  The guide who led me throughout the school was very courteous.  One thing I'm finding is that I don't really connect well with freshmen.  Some are kind but I don't see myself making friends with them.  It is a mysterious feeling but I can try to overcome it.  The school is actually pretty calm but man it is so confusing!  If I didn't have someone to guide me I would never make it to any class!  The day was fine but I'll give it another week.  I can't judge so quickly when I had made my presence known for one day.  Have a joyful weekend everyone!!!! 


  1. I hope it changes and you make new friends. =) Don't worry so much, It's only the first day of the new school year. Remember, you still have us Salina-nians ;) lol, Have a good weekend 'Mr.Opinion'.

  2. Yeah it isn't even a bad school. Just felt a little bleh after school. I have to at least try to not be shy.