Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There's a fine line between helping and cheating.  With cheating you don't get any information out of it, someone is either giving you all the answers or you just copied and wrote it down with no background knowledge.  The last time I cheated was in 2nd grade... ok maybe 3rd grade.  I feel like cheating is so elementary!  If you ask someone to make all your answers right then it doesn't really prepare you for anything else.  You're just asking for an easy pass while the rest of us get the grade we deserve with no help whatsoever.  It boggles my mind when there is someone cheating just because they're so scared of failing the quiz/test.  Well maybe you should start studying and you wouldn't need to cheat!  My english teacher told us something interesting in 7th grade.  She said that she would rather fail and understand the lesson rather than passing and knowing nothing.  That's exactly what these teens want.  They want to pass and get nothing out of it.  You earn your way to the top you shouldn't expect a free ride.  Cheating doesn't get you anywhere, you don't fall nor do you rise up.  

I'll be doing another post tomorrow since it's the first of February!  As you know February is an enormous series on masculinity, femininity, and equality.  The whole month of February will be about those posts, I will do one on Valentine's Day just for a break.  I will explain everything else in the update post tomorrow!  Have a stunning week!!!

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