Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I stopped believing: part 3

If there is one thing that bugs me, it is the extremists.  The ones who discriminate against sexual orientation, sex, and race.  They believe they are right and continue to believe that.  They don't open their mind, never questioning, continuing to be slaves.  Why would I want to be apart of that?  I want to think freely without anyone telling me that is wrong.  What's so wrong with thinking independently?  At least I'm not blindly following into your steps.  I would never want to be apart of those dreadful ways.  When I stopped believing I felt free.  My mind was set free and I didn't have to worry about hell.  Maybe that's why religion lives.  The fear of hell and rejection from an "eternal life".  They feel the need to be as pure as possible and the only way to do that is to follow god?  Really?  So... if I believe in "him" I will go to heaven?  With who?  All those who want to "cleanse" America by killing gays?  No way!  Compared to others who are "non-believers" who question and think for themselves.  They're going to hell?  Yeah... no.  I don't want to be apart of any religious crime.  Not only does it damage our thinking it also prevents society from progressing.  And I'm ready for a change in this world.

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