Friday, January 27, 2012

Driving Unimportant?

I decide to take a break from all the angry rants to explain one thing.  I hate driving.  Yes I said it!  Couple of years ago I couldn't wait to drive!  You know, the usual excitement coming from a pre-teen.  When I actually got behind the wheel and experienced it for the first time... I failed.  Then there came the chance for a permit.  Since I'm old enough for a permit I have the choice to do it or not.  I don't find it all that important.  I mean it just isn't my main priority right now.  I have the booklet just sitting there catching dust in my drawer.  I don't see myself driving any time soon.  Is it because I don't have a lot of experience?  Is it because I'm afraid?  Possibly.  Yet I feel uncomfortable and almost pressured when everyone else says they already have theirs.  Now some will say I'm lazy but I really don't have the motivation to actually study.  I mean it really isn't important!  I also think that cars are a waste of money and time.  Especially if the vehicle has been damaged.  But of course the only means of transportation is by cars.  Of course I HAVE to get my license because no alternatives have been created.  Have a kick-butt weekend!!!

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