Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meaningless Music

Every once in a while I listen to dance music but most of the time I hear the same song over and over on the radio.  Music that only talks about dancing until you're tired!  I mean yeah sometimes I like music with a good beat but I feel like artists are only putting effort in the beat and not in lyrics.  I like music with some meaning, I feel like the beat is getting the center of attention.  Everyone is following the same formula with music!  Come on let's be different, let's be creative!  No effort is being put into lyrics anymore, or the lyrics are being repeated throughout the whole song.  Where has all the real music gone?  Then again, we aren't letting change in music happen.  All we need is a fast paced beat with little to no lyrics, if that is presented then we are satisfied.  Even Spanish music has gone down the drain!!!  Anyone else feeling the same way?  Am I overreacting?  

I hope everyone had an amazing first week back and I finally start school tomorrow!!!  I want to do a first impression post on Saturday.  Have a glamorous day!!!!

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