Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was watching this video on Youtube and it deals with people protesting to send Mexicans back to where they came from... What shocked me the most is that this was a crowd of elderly people!!  You would expect 20-30 year olds but nope it was 50-60 year olds complaining about how they should go back.  The video showed a Mexican who was filming this and the crowd gave him such a hard time!  They cussed at him and told him to go back.  They called him such horrible names!!  He didn't say anything bad to the crowd, he never cussed nor did he say anything bad.  This video was very hard to watch because you would think that elderly people are supposed to be wise and grown up.  NOPE all wrong they are way more immature than younger people.  I love how people complain about this generation and how kids are ignorant and talk back.  It really is the older generations who have attitude problems.  I wouldn't call this racism I call this pure HATE.  It really made me think, at first we had problems with African-Americans and making them slaves, then it was the Chinese when they came to America and we sent them to camps, THEN we seperated whites and blacks, now it's the Mexicans who are feeling the American burn.  I am a Mexican and my mom has dealt with racist comments in her life.  Gays and Muslims feel the hatred as well...  I think this generation of cihldren will learn to accept everyone, the older generations need to clean up their act and next time act like their age.  The video offended me and made me mad!  I have hope, this generation will have parents who tell them to love everyone.  In 30 years I see peace,  we will all learn from this.  I had to do this blog because this video really made me lose my temper.  Hating others doesn't solve the problem, it creates bigger ones.  I hope they see this and know how immature and delusional they are.  Today we need to spread the love!  Have a PEACEFUL day :D!!!

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  1. !Viva Mexico! They cant tell us to leave since this was our land first! The Arizona laws are a violation of the constitution. I was always told this was a free country. But those people cant break us. As earlier generations have said: !Si Se Puede!