Friday, August 5, 2011

Teenage Dating

This subject is one I've been thinking of doing but I can't put it in the right words.  I think of teenage dating as something that isn't real.  I don't believe in "young love".  I see a lot of teenagers my age being in relationships that don't even last a week!  I was on Youtube the other day watching a video on Mario Kart and the person who was commentating told the audience that when she was in middle school she didn't worry about growing up and being in a relationship.  I agreed with everything she said because a lot of teenagers worry about grown up things!  All you need in this age are friends, being in a relationship causes so much stress.  If your friends already love you why do you need someone else to make you feel special?  Some of my friends on Facebook post how love sucks and how their relationship sucks.  Guess what, you wanted to be in a relationship.  I would like to be dating when I'm out of school, being in school there are lots of people who try to ruin your relationship.  Rumors always destroy friendships or the other person who you're dating.  I learned that all I need at this age are my friends!  I don't need someone else to make me feel complete.  I don't hate people who date at this age, I just don't agree with it.  That's why I'm called Mr. Opinion!

In other news I'm shutting down my game blog because I don't have the time to update every week.  Especially the game reviews.  When I have time I'll update it but right now I can't.  I'm posting another blog tomorrow because I forgot to do it yesterday :/.  Anyways have a SPECTACULAR day :D!

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