Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Recap

This summer I've accomplished a lot!  Ok I'm lying I accomplished so little but I did grow up a lot.  Mentally I think these past 2 months really helped me to understand a lot of things.  I now look at things a better way rather than the bad way.  If that makes any sense!  Anyways this summer was pretty relaxing overall, I got to go back to my hometown and I started exercising more!  In a way this summer helped me get rid of bad energy inside of me.  Even though I didn't get to hang out with my friends or even see them I'm glad to once again see them in a couple of days.  School is beginning and I'm super pumped!  There are a couple of things that I plan to do!  I would like to do this blogging challenge where it's a month of answering random questions!  I will still do blogs and all that fun stuff!  I want to start that probably on the first day of school since I won't be too busy with things... hopefully.  Anyways that is all for tonight, no exciting blog entry :/ how depressing!  Have a good day.  LOL have a SUPERB day! 

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