Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gossipers and Backstabbers

In school you have a lot of these types of people.  These are the types of people who irritate me the most.  Let's start with the gossipers, I don't understand why people choose to gossip about others.  Either they must be bored or they were born that way!  It makes me mad when I see a couple of people whispering in each others ears and they look right at you!  When the person hears that people gossip about them I bet they feel mad or bad about themselves.  What I usually hear are comments about their flaws or usually a rumor.  I hear a lot of horrible comments about people.  Whenever someone tries to tell me about a flaw someone has, I feel really bad for the person.  I consider it bullying.  Now I have MANY things to say about backstabbers.  Once I was in class and I had to be with someone I personally had issues with, she was all nice to me.  At first I was like, "ok she's actually not bad".  Then she proved me wrong and started being rude behind my back.  It hurts more when someone pretends to be your friend and secretly says rude things behind your back.  How can people live like this?  I would never say anything bad about my friends behind their back.  The first reaction we have are anger and we do the same to them.  It doesn't prove anything and nor does it solve anything.  I will ignore them because they must be really bored with their lives.  I personally think they do it for popularity or something.  What makes gossipers and backstabbers so popular?  Why do the snobby kids go first before the real people?  Well I'm running out of words to type, have a FUNTASTIC day!!!

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