Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angry rant!

I'm here because my sister is not letting me sleep!  As you know my room is right in front of the t.v with no door or anything to block the obnoxious sound of her ridiculous show.  I don't care if she watches t.v as long as she does it when I'm not sleeping!  Whenever I tell her things she just ignores me until I get to the limit where I need to just break everything in my path.  My only option to let out my frustration is typing it here since I can do whatever I want here.  I was watching my show until she told me to get out, I didn't respond nicely but I let her watch t.v... bad idea!  This is her problem is that she needs to know when it's time to stop!  When people want to sleep you let them sleep or then they wake up pissy the next morning!  She needs to understand that some people like me need to get their sleep and not stay up very late especially when school is going on.  It's the weekend but I don't want to stay up past midnight or then I'll never fall asleep.  This is why I hate t.v... it prevents you from getting any sleep.  Revenge isn't necessarily the grown up thing to do but in this case it gives her the taste of her own medicine.  I'm on the computer putting some things in my iPod and it takes awhile so she will just have to wait.

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  1. Dude wat about Tessa and I?! Im goin to keep buggin u til u write about us.
    -- Adriana Jasso