Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First, I would like to say that I'm the best blogger out there!  My opinions are seriously better than anyone else's.  I clearly understand the situation of every topic I talk about.  No one stands a chance with me!

Don't you hate it when people act like that?  OK I would like to state that I'm not the best blogger nor do I consider myself the best.  That was a sarcastic statement :P.  Well obviously our topic today is egotistical brats!  I have an issue with people thinking they are superior to others.  Everyone has their strong points and their weak points.  For example; my weak points are that I'm NOT at all athletic, I'm also very slow!  It makes me a little angry when you're in P.E and some guy/girl thinks they're such superstars!  I don't mind if people have a little ego here and there but when they think they're the masters of the game that's when the fun goes.  It's not just sports, you know the "too good for everyone" guy?  Yeah he's also one of them.  There is a fine line between having a sense of pride and being egotistical.  When I'm in the kitchen I don't tell everyone, "hey know what a quinelle is?  HA I do!"  No, I don't roll like that.  My question is, why do they need to boast in front of everyone?  For me it makes me feel like crap, especially during a game.  I mean I'm not athletic you don't have to make it worse.  From my experience I remember one time where we were playing a game in P.E and I threw a giant frisbee and one kid told me, "you could not have possibly made that."  What the heck?!  He obviously downsized me.  People... Anyways I'm out of my opinion juice, have a SHENACIOUS day!  (not a real word) 

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