Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Pageants

I have PLENTY of things to say about the despicable beauty pageants.  There is one show where they basically video tape girls in the competition of pageants.  I must say that this isn't even a beauty pageant.  All the girls have like ten pounds of make up on their face.  A child that young does NOT need make up.  They look like a 22 year old who is out to party.  It looks sort of like a clown.  Whenever my sister watches that show I usually end up watching it.  The one thing that kills me the most is their bratty, disrespectful, gimme gimme attitude!  I cannot stand it!  This makes the younger generation look absolutely awful.  If they act that way that young I can't imagine what lies ahead of them during high school.  I always blame the mother or fathers who force the child to go to competitions.  This makes parents look horrible.  Whenever I watch the back stage crap the child usually controls the parent.  How sad is that?!  They think they can have the whole world by winning and being snotty.  Why do they even consider it a beauty pageant?  I mean they have to perform in front of the judges and I must say sometimes they look hands down slutty.  The judges have to judge on hair, make up, talent, and other crap that's usually fake.  OK basically the judges don't care about personality, they just want a plastic doll performing a horrible dance.  Honestly, this shouldn't ever be called a beauty pageant, it should be called "Who can be the most fake of all?"  That's all for tonight... have a GORGEOUS day!!!

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  1. I think that the parents just put them in the Pageant because they want all the money they win so THEY wont have to get a job and do work. And most of the people live off of whatever their child makes in the Pageants. I saw this one show that this child won like 5,000 dollars just by pranceing on a stage in a little dress. my mom doesnt even make that in a month by a 5 year old can make that in like 5 mins. (if that) I dont think that seems far. My mom works pretty hard to earn the money she gets and the little girls dont have to do a thing. Now think about that. Does that seem fair?