Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm not going to diss parents but sometimes they overreact to the smallest of things!  This is sort of my video game violence part 2.  So I was listening to a stream and one person was talking about pretty much the same thing.  I think it was last year or a couple months ago that Katy Perry was on a kid show.  She was wearing a dress and it showed some cleavage... and guess what parents did!  Parents all over thought that Katy's outfit was "too much" for kids.  That show is intended for little kids and what do they know about cleavage?  Kids don't worry about that stuff they only care about the show itself and I bet that children would be like, "oh it's Katy!"  Would they mention the outfit?  Absolutely not!  Parents should STOP overreacting to the smallest of things these days!  When kids act up parents blame it on violence in video games and the internet.  That is a poor excuse, there are many things that influence children to do that.  I mean everything has to be "parent approved", it makes me sick to my stomach whenever I hear, "parent approved".  I can understand parents being concerned about their child but come on, there is a fine line between being concerned and being ridiculous.  I think those types of parents should stop suffocating their child, please he/she is a toddler I mean it doesn't know much.  

I'm posting another blog entry tomorrow, today was my first day of high school but tomorrow is with the upper classmates so I'll wait until that to see how that goes.  Anyways have a CHEERFUL day!! 

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