Sunday, August 28, 2011

Positive Day!

I'm going to give you some tips on how to make your day more positive!  Yay!

1. Think of things to look forward to.
This is what I will always use if I hate getting up in the morning for school.  Whenever you wake up in the morning think about all the exciting things to do today!  For example: it's a Monday and you have a math test.  Oh but you get to hang out with your friend during lunch!  Never ever be pessimistic in the morning, it will make your day seem longer and frustrating.  

2. The afternoon
After school I like to come home and just relax for a couple of minutes before I do any work.  This calms my nerves after a stressful day at school.  I also tell myself that after I'm done with work I can do whatever I want to.  This motivates me to not complain and certainly not get worked up about little things.  I usually do this at the beginning of the day, "ahhh when I get home I'm going to watch my favorite show!"  That definitely makes me happy.

3. It's the small things that count
A lot of people take advantage of their iPod or computer.  Whenever the teacher gives us an assignment I think about the small things that make me happy.  For instance, YouTube is one of those simple bursts of happiness whenever I see a new video.  You might look forward to reading a book, playing a game, or even drawing.

4. Me time
I love this one!  Everyone needs their "me" time.  I always need my "me" time or I will cry.  OK not really but this always makes me happy everyday!  Just think, you're in a very boring class and you begin to think about how school sucks and then you flip the attitude!  Just imagine you have one place in the house or outside where you can be alone with your thoughts.  I don't know about you but that is fantastic for me!

5.  Don't over think it.
Never ever think too much, thinking too much causes you to go from :D to :/.  You might put yourself down.  Always think the best of things... It's a new day and for me everyday is a new start to everything.  

Have a THRILLING day!!!!

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