Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too good for everyone

SO someone in one of my hours gave me the inspiration to write this entry.  As you know by the title this person thinks he's too good for the "unpopular kids".  Whenever he gets paired up with someone who isn't popular he starts to moan and he doesn't do it quietly he does it so the whole class can hear!  He also complains about people and how he thinks he's the best.  Last year I remembered him talking to another person saying how he doesn't understand why people don't like him... really?!  All the evidence is right there!  If he keeps this up he won't be able to work with anyone, no one wants to work with an egotistical person.  When people are like that I know for a fact they aren't people I want to surround myself with.  It is entertaining however that when you see them fail at something they make up an excuse for it.  Just wanted to get that out since I just can't stand people like him.  Have a SUPER day!

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