Monday, November 21, 2011


I apologize for no entry yesterday.  It was my birthday and I decided to take a little day off.  Now I'm ready to make a new post!  

I feel bad for celebrities.  Why?  They have to put up with paparazzi.  I feel bad because they have no privacy whatsoever.  It does make me mad however that if a celebrity does something wrong the whole world shuns them.  General people are crazy yet when a higher rank of people (celebrities) does something wrong the whole world is in awe.  I don't see why we put celebrities as high ranks of people.  I do feel bad for them because they have no privacy.  Lots of rumors are made about them and we always believe them.  Also, we tend to make them look bad on purpose.  During interviews, people ask them the most ridiculous questions to make sure they look bad on screen.  We need to stop worrying about these celebrities.  They apparently share a life with the whole world.  Why can't we leave them alone?  That's it for tonight, I have another entry up tomorrow!  Be happy today!


  1. I agree with you Mr.O. When Miley's phone got stolen and her naked pictures up for the whole word to see, I was mad at first, then I took a step back and realized...can't everyone, if not anyone, make their self-esteem rise from pictures? Or by putting makeup on or dating someone? All these things can be compared to make your self-esteem higher and feel better about yourself. Miley was obviously comfortable with how she looked to want to take photos.

  2. I agree! We all need to take a step back and ask ourselves, "is it really my business?"