Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Respect Teachers

I am impressed with teachers.  They have to put up with bratty teenagers 5 days a week.  They have to put up with complaining, ungrateful, annoying teenagers.  I must say I respect you teachers!  It must be tough, dealing with different types of personalities each day.  Not to mention they have to get up as early as us :/.  Sure there are those teachers who never have a great attitude.  Yet they keep calm when situations happen.  I would like to be in a teacher's shoes for one day to see how they must feel about us.  Do they think we are crazy?  Do they think we are annoying?  Do they think we are smart?  So many questions I have about teachers.  I'm making them sound like they are a different type of species :P.   Again, I applaud you teachers for sticking it out to give us the education we need.  I also applaud you for making class an enjoyable experience.  The only people who make class lame are the people.  Without teachers, we the students would be lost in our studies.  They take the time to help us and assist us with issues at school or with our personal life.  So for all teachers... I owe all my respect towards you!!!!

Just a reminder I will be out of town for Thanksgiving therefore I won't have blog posts up until I get back.  I might be back by Saturday or Sunday so look for a post on either of those days!  Be thankful for everything you have :)!

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