Monday, November 7, 2011

Future posts!

I'm currently reading some books that grabbed my attention when I was at the library.  When I finish these books I plan to write an entry on them.  As you can tell this entry is more of future entries.  This entry might bore some of you so I apologize :P.  The first book I'm reading is based on God's Will.  This book talks about the will of god.  The next book I want to read is one I'm fascinated by.  It's based on the media and how it is NOT affecting children.  My last book is based on sociology.  From these books I'm beyond excited!  I'll make a lot of entries with these books.  It won't be one entry to summarize the whole book.  It will be broken down to many different posts.  I'll try to put as much information as the book provided me.  I'll also mention exact quotes and statements by the author.  Those are my future plans!  Trust me I will stick to them!  Have an ambitious day!!!

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