Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surprise! News People

Suprise!  I'm not home yet but there is internet here and my sister brought her laptop so... might as well put something up!  Today let's talk about news reporters and news people.  Oh my gosh today my sister showed me an article about how Twilight causes seizures... I laughed so hard when reading it.  It goes to show how pathetic the newspaper is.  I glance at the newspaper here and there and some articles are absolutely ridiculous.  I remember one time one person on t.v. was hosting a live gay marriage on his show and he showed a compilation of clips of news reporters all saying the exact same things.  They all said how he was "pushing the envelope".  What shocked me the most was that all of them said the EXACT same thing!  People constantly need a story to put out.  When they find one they flip the whole story for it to be "exciting".  This is why I don't watch the news, they completely lie.  There is one thing to like about the news!  Their absurd stories make me laugh so hard!  That's my post for tonight, I might put one up on Sunday.  Get some rest!  Have a restful night!

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