Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn America

Let's learn from our mistakes.  Why can't we give equal rights?  Why do we still have an issue with racism?  Why must we discriminate based on sexual orientation?  Come on America let's make a transition from being this immature country to a respectful country.  Why do gays still have to battle for the right to marry?  Why do women still struggle with being accepted in the work force?  Why can't we just learn from all the discriminating we have done.  Let's move on from these gender stereotypes and let's move on from these beauty standards.  Why must we live in the past?  We all must not be impudent fools!  I want America to be a peaceful country for ALL, not for one group of people but for every single person out there.  I strongly believe we are becoming too careless.  We're not aware of what's going on in this country.  We are like an infestation, we are careless.  Come on Americans educate yourselves.  

Just stop and think.

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