Thursday, November 3, 2011

Religion in School?

Should religion be taught in public schools?  My answer is heck no!  I have a few reasons why this is blasphemy.  On a website I saw some people state some reasons why religion should be taught.  Anyways adopting the plan to place religion in all schools would be very difficult task.  What religion would be taught?  There are many religions and putting all these many religions together would cause a lot of controversy.  There would have to be a lot of thinking and this could take a lot of time.  In some places people replace history with biblical events.  I have a major issue with this, why would you replace history?  History is important!  We evolve from history and what's not to like about it?!  Let's not forget the atheists... they have their own beliefs, why smother them with all this religion when they don't believe in it in the first place.  What about gays?  If the religion discriminates against them... where will they fit in?  There is already existing problems with religions.  It's a battle to see who is the best of all.  People have the right to study it at home, public school is meant for education purposes.  Religion being taught would destroy some education and lead to controversies in the future.  I say religion should never be taught anywhere near school.  Religion is already an issue today and let's not make it worse.  

No teacher post :(.  Anyways have a majestic day!!!

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