Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm a guy

I'm a guy, I'm supposed to...
not care about how I present myself
not shave
care about sports
know everything about cars
work out everyday
talk about girls 
act like a jerk 
not show my inner feelings
not cry in front of anyone
toughen up and be a man
be dominant
act violent towards my friends
be masculine
be the knight and shining armor
be a slob
be the modern man.

Let's all throw these stereotypes out the door.  We live in a new generation, let's not screw it up for the next.  No more male stereotypes, there is too much of them and I'm absolutely sick of them.  Let guys live the way they want to without society telling us that we have to be masculine.  Leave the magazines, books, and movies. Educate yourselves.  The world is filled with diversity, get used to it.

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