Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrating 100 Posts with 100 Facts!!!!

It's time for my 100th post special!!!!!!  Yes my special is sharing 100 facts about me!  Just so I'm not a complete stranger :P.  Enjoy!!

100 Facts!
100. I hate pickles!  Had a bad experience with them in 1st grade!
99. My favorite color is yellow!
98. I use to be a Catholic for quite some time.
97. I don't like sports at all!
96. I hate the phrase "no homo".
95. I'm an honest person... if you want me to be.
94. I'm an introvert!
93. I'm Hispanic (both parents born from Mexico but I was born in the U.S).
92. The German language fascinates me!
91. I despise mythology!
90. The picture I have set right now has my bird in it.
89. The bird's name was Gordini and died a year and a half ago *sad face*.
88. I've moved 4 times in the past 3 or 4 years.
87. The Kansas mascot were the Buffaloes.
86. The Illinois mascot were the Trojans.
85. The Nebraska mascot were the Bears.
84. The Kansas mascot (different town) were the Mustangs.
83. The Iowa mascots are the Kings and Queens.
82. I went to a Catholic school up until 6th grade.
81. I have one sister who is 19.
80. Whenever we have a project in school I tend to be over ambitious.
79. Being normal is soooo bland!
78. I love chocolate so much I can bathe in it!
77. It's hard to make me laugh.
76. I love watching Top Chef when I eat... don't know why.
75. My mom was going to name me Daniel.
74. I want to legally change my name.
73. I would love a tattoo of the sun and moon!
72. I don't like small, crowded areas!
71. I am very opinionated (obviously).
70. I want to be a psychologist one day!
69. (teehee) My least favorite class is P.E.
68. My favorite class is history.
67. I have no middle name.
66. I don't sound as serious in real life!
65. I like being silly at times!
64. I use to (still do) play with pencils and pens.
63. I would give them names.
62. At one point I wanted to become an actor
61. I also wanted to become a chef
60. My favorite food has to be enchiladas!
59. I don't like sports so don't ask me about my favorite teams.
58. I love filling out surveys!
57. I like to pretend I'm doing Youtube videos when I'm really talking to myself.
56. Did I mention I love to talk to myself all the time?!
55. I was a huge tattle-tale in kindergarten!
54. I joined basketball in 6th grade.
53. Totally sucked at it.
52. I love track even though I'm not very good at it.
51. I'm quite dangerous when it comes to sports.
50. I'm really not athletic.
49. I puked in church one time... interesting experience.
48. I love listening to Latin music, Classical, and the occasional trashy Pop.
47. I will never listen to Country, Hip-Hop, or Rap!
46. My lucky number is 8!
45. I went to the state spelling bee twice!
44. I love amusement parks!
43. I freaking love wooded areas!
42. I'm a little egotistical at times.
41. I love the smell of coffee.
40. Hate the smell of cigarettes!
39. I lose interest too easily.
38. No one can cut my hair right!
37. I joined soccer in 3rd grade.
36. I did live in Texas for 2 months in the beginning of 3rd grade.
35. I'm over sensitive at times.
34. I use to pretend I was in scary movies and I would act out as all the characters including the monsters.
33. I wear glasses!
32. I enjoy playing video games.
31. My favorite game of all time is Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix
30. My favorite vegetable are bell peppers!
29. My favorite season is spring!
28. I can be a nuisance at times.
27. I use to take piano lessons... then we moved.
26. I like long walks on the beach (just kidding.. so cliche).
25. I do like to dress nicely!
24. I don't watch t.v.. Top Chef is an exception.
23. No one says my last name correctly.
22. No one can spell my first name correctly!
21. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
20. I have 3 messy leopard geckos! 
19. I plan to do a juice feasting soon.
18. I wear my emotions pretty easily so if I don't like you trust me you'll know.
17. I procrastinate too much!
16. I almost fell asleep.
15. That's how old I am!
14. I tend to ignore people who ask me things.
13. I don't socialize that much!
12. I hate yogurt!
11. Sexuality isn't an embarrassing topic for me.
10. I'm an independent thinker.
9. I like to continue to question things around me.
8. My guilty pleasure has to be watching Mean Girls!
7. I laugh at the most inappropriate times... oops.
6. I hate tomato soup!  Blegh!
5. I'm near-sighted.
4. I love cooking... hate washing dishes.
3. When I say "no" I usually change my mind in 3 minutes.
2. I love travelling at night!
1. I think being called abnormal is the best compliment ever!

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