Monday, March 19, 2012

P.E Gender Expectations

I'll do the part 2 of People Aren't Unique on Wednesday so please forgive me!!  I wanted to make this post as soon as I could because I've noticed a lot of gender stuff from P.E.  I like P.E in the sense that it gets me a good exercise but being a male there is a lot expecting from me.  For example we ran the mile two weeks ago and there was a big gap concerning time.  For the girls they had to run the mile in 10 minutes and guess what the time was for guys?  7 minutes!  Just because I'm a guy you expect me to be athletic enough?  Another example is push-ups and sit-ups.  Push-ups: guys=20 girls=10.  Sit-ups: guys=50 girls=30.  Once you get older you see a significant change in expectations for both men and women.  Now does that seem fair that the expectations of men have to be higher than women?  Why can't we average it out for everyone?  Both male and female have the same expectations and no one feels bad when they don't make the high standards set up by this ridiculous P.E crap.  The only times I see guys actually meeting the standards are the fit athletic ones.  Guess what?!  I'm not very athletic!  The fastest time I ran the mile was 7:48 and that was with track.  I find it unfair that I try my hardest and so does many others but they are always short of meeting the recommendation. It really does piss me off that we have to go by gender role stereotypes.  Ugh.... ok end of rant.

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