Friday, March 16, 2012

Dubstep Isn't a Musical Revolution

Oh geezus I can't seem to understand why many people like that type of "music."  Pretty funny because I told my sister why she listens to that and she tells me I have no taste in music.  Bah!  Are you serious!?  What happened to actual lyrics and an actual beat?!  Dubstep and all the other creators who are similar do not have real talent in my opinion.  It doesn't involve a lot of skill to put together a song.  I think that music is a mixture of obnoxious beats that are out of sync.  That's it.  If this is the future of music then please save me.  It's just a complete failure of the imagination and creativity isn't much better either.  And no it isn't because I don't like trying anything new it's because this music is just... how can I say this... annoying.  What happened to real instruments with real talent?!  Instead we got computerized beats that will make your ears bleed and your tear ducts run out of tears because it's just so dang fowl.  That's all I have from this angry rant.  Have a fastidious Friday?

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