Monday, March 12, 2012

Stop and Take a Break

America is known for being one of the most productive and busiest countries in the world.  With an average of 40 or more hours a week at work I think we need to stop and take a break.  Living with such busy lives we never get the chance to admire what the world offers.  Whenever I get the chance to relax I seclude myself from others to return to sanity.  The best spot to regain my energy is by going outside.  Whether it's sunny or cloudy, the outside world rejuvenates me.  I would like to think people would be at ease if they would go outside to walk or sit and close their eyes.  Turn the music off.  Turn the television off.  Get your butt up and walk yourself to the door and smile at what Earth has to offer.  If you're a student that has homework there are two options: take the homework with you or ignore it!  Now I'm not saying to never do your homework but I think taking it outside with you is a brilliant idea.  But if you're lazy then there is the option of opening the window.  What's better than to feel the fresh air?!  Here I am on my bed with my window open... listening to the birds whistling a fine tune with no disturbances.  For a maximized experience go outside or open the window during/after it rains.  The smell of petrichor is orgasmic.  If heaven is real... this is how it would be.  Want to know the best part?  It's completely free.

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