Friday, March 23, 2012

Endless Possibilities

The thought that keeps reentering my mind is the endless possibilities we could or could have lived.  At the moment of death we have lived only one life and only one path.  Yet I can't help but think, couldn't we have lived a vast number of lives?  What if we didn't talk to that one good friend?  What if I didn't eat my breakfast on August 9, 2004?  Would that have an affect on my life later on?  It makes me very curious to think that if I chose that decision it could have possibly had an impact on how I would be.  We could have lived millions of other lives and yet we could only experience one life.  When I think about it more and more I start wondering if my life could have been different.  I have such high fascination for this, let me know your thoughts on this!!

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