Wednesday, March 21, 2012

People Aren't Unique: part 2

I'm finally finishing this two part thing.  Let's see if I can explain it a bit more this time!  What I meant by not unique are the people who love to be in groups all the time and they stick to it.  Individuality is dying because we all need to fit into a group.  Correct?  We keep up with crowd and if we slip away then those people are considered "weird."  A good example has to be Lady Gaga!  She is completely different and unique in expressing herself and people call her crazy.  I respect her far more than a generic singer.  Now I did say people are unique to a certain extent and I'll explain that now.  Although I believe people are the same I can't help but think that everyone has their own thoughts and interests.  People fascinate me.  How their brain works and what they think are one unique quality.  We all have different thoughts different dreams and I can't help but wonder how the brain works for each individual.  That's what makes me realize that we are in fact unique in our own way.  We all have a grand amount of capacity in our brains but sometimes people just don't want to use them!  In conclusion, I don't believe people are big on individuality so they tend to stick to groups.  That's what makes people normal and dull.  Yet at the same time we all have our own interests and thought process so we are unique in that way.  Have a lavishing day peoplez!

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