Saturday, March 3, 2012

Racist Jokes

Do I enjoy them?  No.  Do I tolerate them?  No.  Are they funny?  No.  Do they annoy me?  Heck yes.  In my school I have a lot of those jerkwads who love to make racist jokes every five minutes.  I'm not even lying, every joke they say is pretty racist.  On Thursday we did a project in science and there was this one kid who kept poking fun at this one girl because she was Iranian.  We were making baking powder/soda/whatever "bombs".  It really wasn't a bomb just that typical experiment in a bag.  They kept saying how she should be good at this and how this isn't new to her and how she does this all the time.  Now they mentioned this throughout the whole hour of class!  Oh my gosh I was going to rip my hair out!  And then a teacher came and one kid said, "isn't this awkward that she's Iranian and making this?"  The teacher said, "isn't that a little racist?"  Of course the child didn't see it that way!  He said a simple "no."  I've been hearing many racist jokes ever since I've moved here.  And people laugh at it like it's the most comical thing in the entire planet.  Of course people's excuses are, "oh I'm just joking!"  How far can we stretch that phrase?  Will we be in 2019 punching each other in the face saying, "oh I'm only joking!"  I am quite horrified to think that these types of jokes, along with rape jokes are classified as "funny".  I lose a sliver of hope in the world every time I hear these "jokes".  There are an immense load of things to laugh at but of course we have to think in the realm of rude and obnoxious.   

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