Wednesday, March 14, 2012

People Aren't Unique: part 1

There are two separate meanings of special and unique.  When someone tells me another person is special I can't help but wonder if they have some sort of ability.  Now we've been told everyone is unique in their own way but I beg to differ.  We are unique to an extent but let me explain why we aren't as unique as we think we are.  Every human being has skin and skeletons with facial features.  Ok so our anatomy is the same, can you explain a bit more?  Of course I will!  I don't consider teenagers or adults unique because there aren't many people who stand out.  We all follow the system and therefore following the crowd.  When you go with the crowd I have to say I respect you just a teensy bit less than someone who speaks out and goes the opposite way.  It's a hoard of same thinkers and individualism is depleting.  Everyone loves to hang in groups and whenever someone says something the rest of the pack has to agree on it.  What's so unique if all minds work the same?  What's so unique if we have the same p.o.v?  It's frustrating to see people keeping to their little box and not expanding the capability of their brains.  Yet when someone does act differently we label them as "weird" or "abnormal".  Most the people in my grade call me weird but I find that to be the biggest compliment!  Who would want to be normal and in-line?!  I would enjoy seeing people go against the crowd and not be ashamed of it.  This post probably didn't make any sense because my mind was in 23908934908 places so I'll make a part 2 explaining more and why we are unique.  

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