Monday, March 26, 2012

My Fitness Milestone

I've struggled with weight issues as long as I can remember!  I've always been chubby when I was younger and it was interesting considering I was pretty active.  Once I got older I started to thin out a bit but still not satisfied with how I perceive myself in the mirror.  Every year I have the "plan" to start getting in shape and getting healthier.  Of course I plateau and start right back to the beginning.  Last year wasn't the best time in terms of fitness and health.  Around this time I weighed about 146 and not completely content with my image.  I look back at my pictures from the yearbook and dang I looked pretty chubby.  In the summer I tried to maintain a fitness schedule and I was doing great but.. school started and I went back down to the bottom :/.  In December before the new year I told myself that I had to become healthier.  Right now at this particular moment I weigh about 130 and I feel much better.  I eliminated soda and fast food from my diet and added in some more fruit and loads of water!  I've been walking to and from school and walking in the evenings which add up to 5 miles which makes a huge difference for me.  I dropped 3 waist sizes thingies and it doesn't sound like a lot but I feel accomplished!  Trust me this wasn't an overnight inspiration, I'm those types of people who get super pumped and then the next day I have no inspiration to continue.  When I look at myself in the mirror now I don't feel ashamed and angry... I feel inspired and ready to continue striving for an even healthier me.  I mostly used trial and error and it worked out swell.  I can go on and on about this but unfortunately I don't have anymore time SO I'll catch ya'll later!

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