Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grasp Femininity!

Men don't want to show their inner feminine side.  I mean why should they?  They were taught that lesson at a prepubescent age haven't they?  They know that masculinity is the road to g... yeah bull crap!  I believe men should show their inner femininity!  And yet there isn't a way to express it without the social boundaries!  Men's fashion is a dud, in my opinion I think women's fashion is 10x better than men's.  There's more color and more pizzazz... but men's is gray and bleh.  There is a wide selection of feminine products only intended for women and yet for guys it's like a train wreck!  But before we get ahead of ourselves we have to look around us.  How many guys have you seen reject femininity?  Being a male I often crack under the pressure of masculinity, the constant pressure of rejection from others.  If I even do one thing that steps outside the boy box then it's unnatural and immoral.  America has split people into two categories: male and female.  Well what if I don't want to follow those rules?  What if I want to do something feminine like change my fashion?  But generation after generation we are passing these teachings to ensure that no man goes down the path of pink and fabulousness.  Nope!  We want to ensure men that they go down the path of blue and toughness.  Ok society I have one thing to tell you.  F**** off my self expression!  I'm a human, just because I have a certain body part should never mean I should feel ashamed of my feminine characteristics!  Gosh stop taking away my personal freedom!  I have one more thing to say.. GRASP FEMININITY!


  1. Hi Mr. Opinion. Just dropping in to follow as your A to Z co-host. Nice to meet you!

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  2. I love this post! The other day I was following a mom towing a toddler through the shopping mall. As we passed the shoe store the toddler wanted to stop and look at the shoes. The mother said "No - you can't look at those shoes." When the toddler asked why she said... are you ready... "because you're a boy." Really!! :(

    1. That's completely absurd! I hope his mother doesn't force him to masculinity. Parents need to give their children a choice to live their own life! I hope that child doesn't grow up to be brainwashed into masculinity and then have a phobia of expressing inner femininity