Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness Update!

I'm back blogging again and I have a couple of things to share.  I left for a week and a half to think things through and I've come up with many things for the month of March.  Now before I get into anything else, have I learned anything while I was gone?  Yes!  I came to the conclusion that you really can't trust anyone but the ones who are actually close to you.  And yes I do mean friends.  I believe that the only friends I really need are the ones who actually know me.  It's best to be independent especially when many around you are manipulative and backstabbing.  So I've kept quiet and I feel it's working out pretty good actually.  My first blog update is to change the schedule of my posts.  I'm only going to do 3 a week.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I decided that on Fridays I'll do Project Toasty.  March won't be filled with many rants about the world but rather what's been on my mind.  I've been wanting to do this and March is the perfect month to do so!  Some will be funny (hopefully), some will get you thinking, and some will be a little bit depressing.  Sounds like a plan!  I want to change the design of my blog to something else; although I do like the design of it right now.  Just needs to be a fresh new start.  I've been reading past posts and I'll be honest with you I really am ashamed by some of the things I put out.  The February theme was a complete bust and I'm not proud of it by any means.  I don't see the point in deleting them I mean I already put it out there.  I want to look back and think, "wow I was like that?"  So.... yeah nothing much to say.  I will still attempt the 100th post special!  I think the next post I will post will be on Saturday.  I will start the new schedule next week!  So I'm going to work on changing the design and you work on something else.  Got it?  Coolness.

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