Monday, March 5, 2012

Mind Games

I can't stand mind games.  I'm thinking of ones who say they're ok when in all reality they are screaming for someone to help them.  Or the ones who pretend to smile and I go along with it like a fool.  OR the ones who pretend to be nice to you when in all actuality they can't stand you.  Eek!  I despise that!  But we have all played these games at least once in our lives so.. yeah.  It frustrates me when I'm talking to a good friend and I can sense that something is bothering them and they say they're "ok."  Alright I'm here to listen if you need to let it out.  If you tell me you don't want to talk about it that's fine, your personal reasons.  But please don't pretend to be happy and frolicking when you're in sorrow.  It makes me believe that you really are content and pleased with life!  If you're in a gloomy mood then there is nothing wrong to express that gloominess!  It bewilders me when you're in sorrow and you want to magically change your mood to content.  Don't get me started on those backstabbing people you are nice to you but behind your back they're as rotten as month old eggs.  Do you get some sort of entertainment out of it?  If you don't like me that's fine with me but do NOT convince me we're friends by acting friendly towards me.  I can go on but that's a whole different post about a whole different topic that will be covered a whole different day.  Stop playing mind games.  It's frustrating for me to know you hide your feelings.  How can I really know what you're feeling if you keep lying?  I have ears (or eyes) and I'll use them effectively.  Enjoy your delightful Monday!

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