Friday, March 9, 2012

Content, Not Happy

I'm content, right now I guarantee you're not happy.  Happy for me means high levels of joy and giggly moments.  Content means normal, nothing bad is happening but nothing fantastic is happening either.  Now for the people who say they want to be happy the rest of their lives... why?  When I'm happy I'm in that state of mind and I enjoy it even more.  If you're always happy then what's life worth if you only want to feel one emotion?  Being happy 24/7 will start to decline and it would be hard to grasp those moments of feeling euphoric.  One of my good friends told me that being content doesn't make you disappointed when things don't necessarily go your way.  I feel better being content, I'm not constantly looking for that feeling of joy.  If I am happy I will dive into that emotion and the experience is memorable.  I wouldn't want to be happy for the rest of my life.  I would rather experience all emotions instead of just one emotion that will inevitably fade away.  Happiness should always have the warm fuzzy feeling inside of us and we should take it by the reigns while we can.  Have a rocking weekend!!!

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