Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Music Industry

Ten years ago I feel like music was real.  The artists actually sang and the song made sense.  I feel like the music that artists produce have no soul in them whatsoever.  Not all the artists have generic music but whenever I listen to the radio I keep listening to these generic songs.  The people who I've noticed in change are the artists who've started their careers from ten to fifteen years ago.  Jennifer Lopez is an example.  I listen to her old music and I hear a message.  Her recent album struck me with awe.  All I hear is an auto-tuned voice with dance music.  The one thing I keep noticing is the messages in music.  All I hear about is dancing, dancing, and more dancing!  I'm afraid that music will never be the same again.  Don't get me wrong the music is catchy but is that all?  A lot of artists that were good back then have gotten unoriginal and their sense of creativity has faded.  I'm waiting for the day when I hear an artist who is stepping out and being different.  Now in a later post I'm going to continue talking about this but I'm going to do a little research.  This was my personal opinion, the next post will be with facts.  Have a positive week!!!

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