Monday, October 3, 2011


Immaturity comes in teenagers and most likely adults.  Let's talk about immature teenagers.  I have PLENTY of things to say about ignorant teenagers.  Now there are the ones who scream and yell and act like little four year old children.  There are also those who judge others for the smallest of things.  For example: there is one guy in one of my classes who paints his nails, other people always question him and make rude remarks.  They always do this to him.  Immaturity?  Huge sign of immaturity and rudeness.  Grow up people, it's his body he can do whatever he wants with himself.  There is another example but it's hard to explain.  One girl from last year was partners with me for a module in a class.  Everything was fine but she made some statements about me.  Instead of sucking it up she kept going.  There are times where you will be paired up with someone you don't necessarily like but it doesn't give you the right to be rude.  Adults are much different.  Sort of, but adults are a little stubborn.  Remember the video I was talking about in my Racism entry?  Those are immature adults, they were protesting about illegal immigration and saying rude things.  I highly doubt they would sit down for five minutes and hear the other side of the story.  There are also adults who act just plain dumb.  For example: I was in Walmart with my mom and sister getting some things.  We were next in line to get checked out, there was someone else behind us and a lady in the back.  There was some people trying to get to the cashier next to us.  The minute the couple went in front of the lady flipped out.  She was like, "HEY!"  I was in utter shock.  There were two options she could have done.  She could have just waited patiently, or if they were cutting she could have told them politely that they were there first.  Sheesh what happened to manners?  As you can see adults can also be very immature.  I really hope the teens who are immature now will learn when they get older.  As for adults I hope they can sit down for five minutes and hear the other person speak or just grow up.  That's all for today!  Have a peachie day ;)!!!!

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