Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Inspiration! *Outdated*

Who inspires me?  A lot of people!  I want to dedicate tonights post to the many people who inspire me.  I feel this is necessary because I never really say who inspired me to blog.  Some people might shock you so be aware of that :P.  I will put a link to every concrete person!  I do have abstract inspiration.

Laci Green
If you don't know who she is.. well you my friend are delusional!  No but in all honesty she is one of the best vloggers out there!  She is on Youtube and she talks mainly about sexuality but she does every once- in- a- while talk about things going on in the world.  She is my biggest inspiration and a lot of my entries are inspired by what she talks about.  I would love to one day interview on the many questions floating around in my skull.  She has quite a lot of the same views as I do which is always a plus!  Why was I inspired?  Well my fellow readers, she inspires me because I love the way she freely talks about her beliefs.  I have the need to just preach about what she says.  She is like a teacher!

This person is also a Youtuber but her videos are composed of video games!  Confused?  I hope so.  She inspires me in a different way.  She is a very optimistic person and also very funny!  We need more people like her in this world, definitely a positive thinker. 

Wait... another Youtuber?!  Yup another video game person on Youtube.  In his commentary he says a lot things that led to blog entries!  He is also a very positive person which rocks!  We definitely need more mature people like him. 

Yes people inspire me!  What better way to get inspiration?  The way people act are the best type of inspiration for a blog entry.  It's always fascinating watching people act the way they do.  Now they aren't all random people, I get a lot of inspiration by my very good friends!  You guys rock!

Real life situations and experience are also good inspiration.  The best way to gain knowledge is to have experienced it.  I really hope that last sentence made sense!

OK that wraps things up!  I made this entry a little too long but if you're bored and you have nothing else to do than this is great for you!  Alright everyone I'm sorry this is a little late but I've been playing video games... which is a great way to exercise the brain!  See you all on Halloween!!!  Have a SPOOKY weekend!!!

Websites: Laci Green- and
Sorry no link to experience.

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