Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Social Network

No I'm not talking about the movie :P, I'm talking about Facebook!  Facebook gets a lot of negative criticism from parents or people.  Parents dislike it because their children are on it 8 hours a day.  It annoys me whenever I hear parents blame Facebook.  If your child is on 24/7 then maybe you should take immediate action and cut their internet time.  People dislike Facebook because it is too slow or they're screwing it up or some other ridiculous complaints.  The new layout for Facebook is just fine, it's all the same just a little things done differently.  I mean if you hate it that much than I would suggest getting away from it.  Now there are those who say it has a negative impact on children's social lives.  From my point of view I see it differently.  I have moved a lot these past few years and Facebook is a great way to reconnect with my classmates.  It also helps me talk to friends over the summer.  People complain about cell phones and Facebook... how else are we supposed to communicate with friends?  I have a few good friends here, if I move why not use Facebook to reconnect with them?  Also Facebook has solved many people looking for their lost child or parent.  I went ahead and looked up the negative impacts.  The one that struck me was children making friends online rather than in real life.  What's wrong with making friends online?  Some kids are shy in real life, making friends online might be a good way.  I made a friend online, they are the closest friend I have... is that bad?  Absolutely not!  Did I lose any social or speaking skills?  I'm still myself so... nope!  Now for the parents, it's is your job to keep your children safe.  It isn't the laws job, it is your own.  See you next time!  Have a radical day!!!!

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