Saturday, October 8, 2011

Response to iJustine's ":(" video

So, a fellow Youtuber named iJustine created a video about the death of Steve Jobs.  In the video she was crying and telling everyone she just heard the news.  Now Steve Jobs was her idol and inspiration, she would mention his name in some of her videos.  What I want to talk about are the horrible comments she received for that video.  The comments shows you that some people are absolutely heartless.  The comments angered me because a bunch of people said how there were other people who accomplished more than him.  Others said how it was fake and others were plain rude.  I don't know what runs in peoples' minds when they say such despicable comments.  Everyone has someone who inspires them, Steve Jobs was someone who inspired her.  Obviously no one can respect that, it's quite sad how people are nowadays.  That's all for tonight, have a great night!!!!

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