Monday, October 10, 2011

Mind of a Highschooler

This will be a mini-series I want to start.  This will reveal confessions of a highschooler.  Now I'm not doing this myself, my plan is to ask a couple of other people.  I want to also ask some teachers to let out their feelings on here.  Now I'm going to start with me, a freshman.  Being a freshman there are a lot of things I must let out.  The first thing is, I really don't like half of the freshmen who go to this school.  They are stuck up snobs who think they own the school.  They're a wee bit annoying... although I hope I'm not :P.  Not everyone is annoying, just most of them.  Being a freshman isn't as bad as people say, there are a couple of upper classmen who don't like freshmen but nothing too serious.  I want to talk about teachers next.  I like how the teachers don't get in our faces about homework, it is our responsibility.  In middle school the teachers kept nagging and they were treating us like little children.  I have one teacher who gives me the impression that he doesn't really like freshmen.  He always says, "oh you're freshmen you don't know discipline."  It irritates me when he says this, it's stereotyping.  I can understand others but come on the last person I would expect to say that is a teacher.  The one thing I notice are people from my grade changing.  The one tough fact of entering high school are the fact that you might not have the same friends from middle school.  Some people have a positive change and others might have a negative change.  You learn who your real friends are, the results might not be what you would expect but it's life.  What I like about high school is the fact that you can choose the classes you want!  You don't have to take the same classes over and over.  I love how you can choose classes that reflect what you want to be when you're out of school.  For me it's like freedom, the freedom to choose what you're interested in.  In the next part of this series I plan to ask a teacher to type what's in their minds about being a high school teacher.  If they don't have the time I will do something else.  That's it for tonight, bye bye!  Have a ravishing day!!!

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