Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inappropriate Jokes

I know what you're thinking :P, but these types of jokes bother me.  Ever hear those jokes, "oh he's going to rape you!" yeah those types of jokes.  Is it just me or does that bother anybody?  I mean I always hear these "rape" jokes and I'm starting to get irritated.  To some people these jokes can really be offensive.  Some people will probably say, "it's just a joke!"  Really?  Some people might say I'm being over sensitive but overall this isn't being over sensitive.  These jokes can really hurt someone who actually has been raped or has been in that type of situation.  This can make someone feel awful and it should never be taken as a joke.  Seriously there are plenty of things to laugh at in this world but out of all the things why do people laugh at serious situations?  I mean how is it funny?  Is it funny to laugh at people who have experienced this?  Absolutely not!  All I have to say is enough with the rape jokes!  This is very serious and we are going to stand here and joke about it?  People can be very heartless at times!  I hope one day people can realize how tragic this is... well a person can dream right?  That's my teeny little rant for today!  I will see you all on Saturday!  Have a magnificent day!!!!!

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