Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rebellious Children

A lot of people complain about how children nowadays are rebellious and abtrusive.  Let's look at some of the possibilities to why they might be rebellious.  Let's start with the media.  Some people say the cause of rebellious actions in children are violent t.v. shows, movies, or music.  As much as I despise the media I must say all of this is bogus.  Watching a violent show would not turn me into this violent maniac.  It also shouldn't make me want to be rebellious and act out.  The only thing that bothers me are the music coming form these artists but my only concern with that is profanity.  I mean I hear a lot of children cussing at such young ages it worries me.  While I agree that children are becoming rebellious nowadays, people are blaming the wrong things.  I'm going to blame parents, a lot of parents complain yet it's their fault.  This is your child and it's your responsibility to teach them from right and wrong.  It isn't always parents fault but most of the time it is.  If you think the media has something to do with your rebellious child then I would reconsider the channels or movies they watch.  Part of being a parent to my understanding is having a firm hand.  Another thing that has to be blamed is the people they hang out with.  Are they a good influence?  Or do they have a bad influence?  For some reason I feel like as the years go by children want to seem cooler.  They want to fit in with the crowd.  One day I hope children will be children, nothing more.  Before I close up, I hope that next Monday or Wednesday I will have "The Mind of a Highschool Teacher" ready.  Have a creative night/day or whatever!!!

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  1. i have to say that every time something goes wrong with a kid they always blame the parents. its not always the case, some kids have the greatest parents they could ever ask for but they just dont see it. who knows y but they dont.