Friday, October 14, 2011

Plans for Challenging the Mind

This post will mainly focus on an idea I found on another blog.  I got inspired by one idea, that is having two sides of an argument.  Of course this won't be a big portion of what I do.  This will be a once-in-a-while thing, probably once or twice a month.  How will this work?  I want to find a topic that I have/haven't discussed.  I will try to fit it into one entry with both arguments.  If both arguments are long I will post it in separate posts.  I was inspired by this idea because I feel like I need to know both sides of the story.  This will take a lot of planning and time, one post can take quite some time.  

After the plans for a teacher to post on here I plan to get one of my super friends to post what they have to say about high school.  I hope she has the time from her schedule to help me with this post.  If she does then great! If not then I will find someone else.  That's all the plans I have for now!  Have yourself a very merry day 8D!!!!

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