Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Negative Slurs

OK I apologize, it isn't slang it's slurs... oops!  That's not the point :P, the point is... I'm sick of them.  When I was little I never heard the terms, "queer" or "faggot" used as an insult.  It doesn't anger me it just irritates me.  I really don't know how those slurs started being the new trend.  I always hear someone say, "you're such a faggot" or simply just telling others they are a queer.  I'm not sure how calling others those words is used as an insult.  Now some people say they aren't targeting gays and people are being over sensitive.  OK I can understand that but why use those particular words to describe someone as "dumb?"  There are many words in the English dictionary that mean "dumb."  "Queer" and "faggot" are irrelevant to the word "dumb" or "stupid."  I don't think people try to aim it at gays but I think people need to be a little more smart with their vocabulary.  This is my opinion so don't tear me apart :P!  

A little announcement!  Tomorrow I hope I get the chance to speak with the teacher to discuss the next post on my little series.  That's all for tonight!  Have a lovely day!!!

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